Woodturners Funnel Club

The Woodturners Funnel Club is an unofficial club composed of woodturners who have accidentally cut through the bottom of a piece on the lathe, creating a funnel instead of, say, a bowl.

Although the Funnel Club doesn’t formally exist except in conversation, to some, making a funnel by accident is a right of passage in woodturning. To others, it’s simply an annoyance and should never be admitted!

Woodturning is an enjoyable craft, and these items are meant as a bit of fun and a laugh for those who have inadvertently joined this legendary, non-exclusive club. Grab something from here, and proudly proclaim yourself as a Life Member of The Woodturners Funnel Club!

Woodturners Workflow

A popular t-shirt worn by Martin Saban-Smith in the USA in 2022 prompted him to add these items to the Woodturners Funnel Club range. It shows a simple decision workflow for turners everywhere!